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Customizable Purses

Customizable Purses

Join us for a fantastic fundraiser! NCCG is thrilled to offer our meticulously crafted handmade purses. Each purse is sewn with love to include three spacious pockets, dual zippers, generous dimensions of 15” by 14”, a comfortable 50” padded adjustable strap, fully line, and reinforced stitching!


 Keep in mind, when we say sewn with love, we really mean sewn with love! Each purse is customizable to YOUR taste! So don’t feel like you’re stuck to one pattern!Purse patterns can vary from but not limited to:Nature PatternsFootball Team or themed patternsDisney patterns and more!


Additionally, you can also add a customizable artwork panel to your purse as well, ask us about our panel options in terms of design, or request a custom piece! 


Now the best part about all this, is that each purse-chase (get it? hehe) contributes directly to supporting our family friendly event programming and urban greening projects such as the Harvest Fest, and materials for new garden installations!

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