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About Us

At North Camden Community Gardens, we connect with our community to support our people. In our eyes, gardening isn’t just about being out there and planting flowers for the fun of it. We come out and engage with the community because we care about the people that are our families and friends. We create events, where we bring a smile to people’s faces. Members of all ages are welcome to join us as partners, sponsors, or volunteers. We hope you will join us in one of our gardens to learn how to grow your own healthy and sustainable plants, support us in caring for our community, or just come have fun with us!


Our Work

North Camden Community Gardens is a gardening program organized by North Camden Community Gardens (NCCG), an organization that supports its community in beautifying its neighborhood by introducing all ages to urban greening and agriculture. It would be an educational aspect to any school or learning program. We also welcome those who are looking for community service hours or a fun place to come together as a community.

The program focuses on A-Z gardening where students learn skills such as:
-Tree Care
-Planting & Plant care
-Seed harvesting & Germinating
-How to maintain a greenhouse
-Entrepreneurship/ Marketing Sales
 and much more!

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