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One Seed for Man, One Giant Garden for Mankind


Organic Community Garden Organization Puts Down New Roots In North Camden

By Noah Zucker
June 14, 2021

"CAMDEN, NJ – Organic produce may not be the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Camden, but a community gardener in North Camden is hoping to change that.

Jackie Santiago runs two community gardens in the neighborhood, one on the 300 block of Byron Street and another on the corner of Grant and North 6th streets. And, plans to add a third soon at Mastery High School."

A North Camden community garden becomes a haven for a community and a source of fresh fruits and vegetables

By Tiffany Rivera

June 15, 2021


"Camden, New Jersey has struggled with a lack of access to fresh produce for years.

Specifically, North Camden has been experiencing worse and worse food apartheid, with very little access to fresh food....Jackie Santiago is the project coordinator at North Camden Community Garden, which is focused on creating a safe space for local residents to hang out, and provide the neighborhood with fresh fruits and vegetables."

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