Meet the Ones Behind It all

How It All Began


Jacqueline Maria Santiago-Vicente

Executive Director

Born and raised in Camden, New Jersey. Jacqueline Santiago has been a community activist for over a majority of her life. She is devoted to Camden with the goal of engaging the community in positive family-friendly events to give back and ensure the community that together we can remove blight and create beauty in our neighborhoods.


Diego Vicente

Teen Leader

The youngest member of the team! Youth Leader Diego Vicente has been dedicating his time to the North Camden's Community Gardens since the 4th grade! Encouraging youth to actively participate in fun group activities while also encouraging them to build positive relationships, Diego makes new friends in the garden constantly and is a well-known face amongst kids who love to play in the garden with his happy-go-lucky personality!


Erielys Vicente

Project Coordinator

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Teen Youth Leader/ Administrative Assistant, Erielys Vicente began volunteering for North Camden Community Gardens as a beautiful and eye-opening experience, finding a passion to support and give back to her community that she's watched change for the past 19 years. She engages teens in gardening activities that encourage STEM learning and Entrepreneurship skills.


Hector Ramos

Crew Manager

The man with the brawn that makes it all possible. Hector is the Manager of NCCG's Field crew, from picking up 300lbs. of coffee, keeping up the garden's maintenance by cutting and cleaning, to helping elderly residents in the community with cut and cleans for their lawns.


Meet the Interns!

Introducing Mastery High school's Garden Interns!


Nadieska Dominguez-Garcia

Garden Intern


Alfred A. Encarnacion

Garden Intern


Yoslin Herrera

Garden Intern


Leonel Mateo

Garden Intern


Kimberly D. Rabanales

Garden Intern


Alison Torres-Santiago

Garden Intern