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Welcome to North Camden Community Gardens!


New Cohort Interns

Gardening escapades at River Academy sprouted new growth today as our new cohort of NCCG Interns delved into the compost and stumbled upon the secret garden Mastery High School of Camden . Their faces bloomed with curiosity as they handled worms with trepidation, yet they embraced the experience with a fertile mix of awe and apprehension. It's delightful to witness our new interns blossoming as they cultivate their own oasis on the Mastery campus. Programming sponsorship by 4H Camden Rutgers Urban Extension .

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A-Z Gardening F is for floriculture, and our interns are blooming with excitement to sell roses until Thursday, 2/14! 🌹 Inbox me for details; all proceeds will help cultivate our programming!

Farmers Market Frenzy

New Secret Santa, purses, stickers, and more! These past few weeks have been a blast, meeting new people at the Collingswood Farmers Market and volunteers for our upcoming annual Secret Santa event!

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